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Welcome to Beyond the Borders

This campaign is a West Marshes style campaign designed to incorporate large numbers of players and multiple DMs. Play is generally based in South-East Queensland using both real-world and Roll20 sessions.

Based in the Aurellia setting designed by Eamonn Brabiner, around 2500 years since the resolution of “The Conflict”, a massive war that led to the utter destruction of most of the civilized world. While most races survived and began to rebuild their once-grande empires, some lands remained abandoned.

Many rumors have begun to be whispered in taverns near and far that ancient treasures can be found in the feral lands south of the Kingdom of Glynden. While these lands have long since been considered too treacherous to explore, there has been talk of brave adventurers returning with great treasures. However, these tales are vastly outnumbered by tales of adventurers who venture out past the borders only to never return.

You find yourself in Cadun, the City of Guilds, the southernmost settlement on the western side of the continent, looking to brave the wildlands of the south in search for fame and riches.

What will you find beyond the borders? Will you find ancient treasures, can you uncover the mysteries of the world before The Conflict, or will you only find death?

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